23 Aug 2011

Using Newsletters for Mobile devices Phones

According to statistics, more people are using their mobile devices to read and respond to emails, so it may be helpful to consider proper formatting for reading newsletters on mobile phones. Unlike a newsletter read on the computer, which can convey a lot of information, display graphics, and in general is read at one’s convenience, when it comes to a mobile phone, people tend to be on the run. This could be a good thing, since a reader can get all the information they need quickly if the newsletter is properly set up for a mobile device.

Setting up newsletters on mobile phones is a simple matter of arranging things differently. First there are templates and style sheets for making newsletters in that format just as there are for regular newsletters. Another thing to remember is that you can’t use a lot of graphics for these newsletters. They need to be more to the point and more precise. The call to action, if you need one in your newsletter, as well as any vital information, should be in the first third of the HTML to be more effective.

You should also avoid garish colors or dark backgrounds in newsletters for mobile phones, and make sure you break up blocks of text as usual. The best way to look at these kinds of emails is as a more intense version of your regular newsletters. Condensed, more concise and to the point, but no less effective if done correctly. A good newsletter campaign should make use of both aspects in order to maximize readership.

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