29 Oct 2012

Email Tracking Software

Email tracking is a system used to help monitor the delivery of emails to recipients and can be especially useful for the likes of marketing, segmentation and promotion. So now you have a little understanding of how email tracking works and what it can do for you, we're going to talk about email tracking software. 

Email tracking software gives you a complete and user friendly graphical user interface, including analytic graphs which will track the overall performance of your campaign. You can see who's opened or unopened your messages, who's unsubscribed, which links have been clicked and even how much revenue you've accumulated from your messages.

Email tracking software is especially useful for businesses which rely on custom, so if this is the case for you then it's a perfect solution. It's also very effective if you’re planning on sending segmented emails as you can gather particular information about them including the location and history and if you know all about email segmenting then you'll also know how important this type of information is, especially for marketing.

Although email tracking software is intended solely for the sender to know whether or not the message was opened, it's in no way an accurate indication. Different mail clients support different things and if you send a message to someone who uses a mail client that won't accept code or images then this of course means that it won't get tracked. More than 90% of mail clients will support code and images though so even though it's not accurate, it at least gives you an idea.

There is a variety of email tracking software available on the market and with a simple web search you'll be able to see for yourself. Because of their complexity, you will more than likely have to pay a price for using the email tracking software so make sure you search well and use something that fits in with your budget. If you’re a small business, inexpensive email tracking software will be ideal. However, if you’re running a much bigger business and send out a lot of mass emails, then it may be worth your while to invest in something which offers much more and at a faster rate. 

So there we have all you need to know about email tracking and Track your emails. If you would like more information on either of these topics then why not do a web search? You’ll be surprised at how much is actually on offer.

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