25 Mar 2015

An Email Open Confirmation is a Great Way to Upsell a Customer

If you have the opportunity to send a customer an email open confirmation, then you should use this opportunity to make a sale. This is because an email open confirmation means that someone has to open your email and then read it to get what they have ordered.  So why not let them read about something else they can buy?
This is the perfect opportunity to get someone to read more about your company and then have them buy something else. This can be anything from accessories that go with the product they have already purchased or something like a warranty or an extended service contract.

The concept of selling a customer more merchandise on an email open confirmation is often overlooked because the email open confirmations often come from the customer service department.

However, this is the perfect opportunity to get that person to purchase something else or make them aware of other offers like warranties.   This is an opportunity where a person has to read what you have sent them and then respond in order to get on your mailing list or receive the product they have ordered - so it is the perfect time to sell them another product.

Another thing that you can gauge of off an open email confirmation is what type of response any type of offer will get. For example, if you want to offer first time buyers free shipping or 50% off their first order, you can test out whether an offer like this will work without spending any money. If there is a good response, then you can continue the offer with other customers. If there is no response, you can keep changing it until you find an additional offer that works to make more sales.

This open confirmation email is also a great way to offer extended warranties, extended contracts, accessories, referral discounts, upgrades, coupons, end of season sales, closeouts, club memberships, promotional codes, and higher-end products. 

Since the email has to be read, this is a one-time opportunity that you need to take full advantage of. Most junk emails, no matter how eye-catching, will go in the trash. This is why it is so important to maximize this opportunity to communicate with your customer. 

Open email confirmations can also be tracked and reports can be generated from them. This is a great tool for the marketing department so that they can track the results and discuss what offers did and didn’t work. This helps them fine tune and improve the sales of the company as opposed to sending out blanket emails and hoping for a positive response.

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