26 Aug 2015

personalized emails

personalized emails
When sending our emails to users in your campaign list, it is extremely important that your email messages are clean, tidy and focus directly on the point. You want to make a good effort with your emails to give your recipients comfort and peace of mind. With the help of personalized emails, you can do just that, so instead of sending plain text emails which can be quite off putting, you can create something fancy which will help you develop a more stable and loyal customer base.

With personalized emails, you can add images, custom text, promotional text, creative design layout and much more. Have you ever opened an email and the message looks almost like a website page? Well, this is because it's a personalized email and it's been proven to be much more effective than just your standard text emails.

When sending out emails to users on your campaign list, you want to be sure that they'll be happy to read what you have to say and offer and personalized emails can help with this. You can lay everything out in separate sections, much like a website, which will allow the reader of the email to see what you’re saying and offering much more clearly. With a standard text email, the text can be quite bulky and this can be very off putting for the reader so make sure you lay your emails out in a cleaner format.

So now that we've discussed some of the benefits of personalized emails, how exactly do we create them you may be asking? Well, if you’re an experienced coder, then you can develop an HTML template and send that or alternatively, you could use software or an online application which will help you create personalized email templates quickly and efficiently. It may also be worthwhile mentioning that not all email clients will support certain personalized emails or they may prompt the recipient to unblock the content. This is mainly because some clients won't accept certain pieces of code so be very careful when creating your personalized emails.

If you would like some examples of personalized emails then why not have a look through your inbox messages and this will give you a better idea of how they work and how they are displayed. Emails from the likes of eBay and Amazon are perfect candidates so if you have any emails from them, check them out.

25 Mar 2015

An Email Open Confirmation is a Great Way to Upsell a Customer

If you have the opportunity to send a customer an email open confirmation, then you should use this opportunity to make a sale. This is because an email open confirmation means that someone has to open your email and then read it to get what they have ordered.  So why not let them read about something else they can buy?
This is the perfect opportunity to get someone to read more about your company and then have them buy something else. This can be anything from accessories that go with the product they have already purchased or something like a warranty or an extended service contract.

The concept of selling a customer more merchandise on an email open confirmation is often overlooked because the email open confirmations often come from the customer service department.

However, this is the perfect opportunity to get that person to purchase something else or make them aware of other offers like warranties.   This is an opportunity where a person has to read what you have sent them and then respond in order to get on your mailing list or receive the product they have ordered - so it is the perfect time to sell them another product.

Another thing that you can gauge of off an open email confirmation is what type of response any type of offer will get. For example, if you want to offer first time buyers free shipping or 50% off their first order, you can test out whether an offer like this will work without spending any money. If there is a good response, then you can continue the offer with other customers. If there is no response, you can keep changing it until you find an additional offer that works to make more sales.

This open confirmation email is also a great way to offer extended warranties, extended contracts, accessories, referral discounts, upgrades, coupons, end of season sales, closeouts, club memberships, promotional codes, and higher-end products. 

Since the email has to be read, this is a one-time opportunity that you need to take full advantage of. Most junk emails, no matter how eye-catching, will go in the trash. This is why it is so important to maximize this opportunity to communicate with your customer. 

Open email confirmations can also be tracked and reports can be generated from them. This is a great tool for the marketing department so that they can track the results and discuss what offers did and didn’t work. This helps them fine tune and improve the sales of the company as opposed to sending out blanket emails and hoping for a positive response.

16 Feb 2015

Email newsletter software with statistics - What are the advantages?

What is email newsletter software with statistics?

Good email newsletter software helps you prepare newsletters that you can then send out to your subscribers or contacts. However, email newsletter software with statistics will allow you to fine tune the newsletters that you send out, by reporting back to you information that you can use to maximize the effect of your email newsletter marketing campaign.

What is the role of statistics in email newsletter software?

The statistics enable you to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign via your email newsletter software. Remember, if you can measure it - you can manage it!

What can a user learn from the statistics that email newsletter software generates?

Good email newsletter software with statistics will enable you to gather a range of data related to the readers of your newsletter. Probably the most significant and useful statistic you will get is the number of times a particular hyperlink is selected. You can then target newsletters to subscribers or contacts according to their personal interests.

Other examples of statistics generated by email newsletter software.

You can use email newsletter software with statistics to track if and how many times the newsletter is opened, capture geographic data about the reader that they might not have given you or even find out how many people unsubscribe to your email newsletter.

29 Oct 2012

Email Tracking Software

Email tracking is a system used to help monitor the delivery of emails to recipients and can be especially useful for the likes of marketing, segmentation and promotion. So now you have a little understanding of how email tracking works and what it can do for you, we're going to talk about email tracking software. 

Email tracking software gives you a complete and user friendly graphical user interface, including analytic graphs which will track the overall performance of your campaign. You can see who's opened or unopened your messages, who's unsubscribed, which links have been clicked and even how much revenue you've accumulated from your messages.

Email tracking software is especially useful for businesses which rely on custom, so if this is the case for you then it's a perfect solution. It's also very effective if you’re planning on sending segmented emails as you can gather particular information about them including the location and history and if you know all about email segmenting then you'll also know how important this type of information is, especially for marketing.

Although email tracking software is intended solely for the sender to know whether or not the message was opened, it's in no way an accurate indication. Different mail clients support different things and if you send a message to someone who uses a mail client that won't accept code or images then this of course means that it won't get tracked. More than 90% of mail clients will support code and images though so even though it's not accurate, it at least gives you an idea.

There is a variety of email tracking software available on the market and with a simple web search you'll be able to see for yourself. Because of their complexity, you will more than likely have to pay a price for using the email tracking software so make sure you search well and use something that fits in with your budget. If you’re a small business, inexpensive email tracking software will be ideal. However, if you’re running a much bigger business and send out a lot of mass emails, then it may be worth your while to invest in something which offers much more and at a faster rate. 

So there we have all you need to know about email tracking and Track your emails. If you would like more information on either of these topics then why not do a web search? You’ll be surprised at how much is actually on offer.

30 Aug 2012

Why Custom Marketing Solutions for Casinos Are Important

Casinos are a unique industry in many respects and as such, custom marketing solutions for casinos are vital to thrive and prosper. Oftentimes, the marketing in casinos is neglected as it can be incorrectly assumed that “if you build it they will come”.  That is, core gamblers will stay loyal to your casino and return while the casual gamers will likely not benefit from prodding. This could be further from the truth. Specialized, targeted solutions are vital for casinos to thrive and prosper. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case.

Firstly, casinos are a unique business and therefore custom marketing solutions for casinos are necessary as no other solutions will easily “fit” the gambling paradigm. Gambling is all about luring people back in with games and promotions – it’s all about generating excitement and overriding the mathematics of loss. Whereas other industries sell a tangible service or good, casinos must sell a desire to be wealthy and must show how fun and entertaining gambling there is.

Secondly, casinos must run specialized and unique promotions. Any casino looking to survive must be able to run promotions that keep gamblers coming back (reload bonuses, tier points, etc.). These considerations must be taken into account when designing a crafty marketing campaign to get players to come to the casino. It is absolutely vital that an e-mail campaign target new players as well as existing ones with exciting, fun promotions. When making these promotions make sure that they are “worthwhile”. Offering a $10 bonus on a $10,000 reload isn’t likely to get people’s attention, but offering $50 on a $100 bonus is. Take care to adjust your bonuses to achieve profitability and legitimacy. People may rightly sense something is amiss if you offered them $1000 on a $100 deposit, for example.

It’s important that you choose highly customized marketing solutions for casinos when marketing your establishment. You cannot rely on generic marketing slogans, etc. to build your business. Rather you must come up with creative, innovative marketing campaigns that show your casino as being the most fun and coolest ever. You must show why, when the customer enters the site or walks through those doors, they can prepare themselves to be amazed and bedazzled. 

24 Jul 2012

Why Should You Have a Casino Newsletter?

Newsletters are commonplace amongst most businesses these days as they are an effective, targeted way to reach current and prospective customers with regular updates on business activities. For the gaming industry, a casino newsletter is especially effective as the style of a newsletter suits the objectives of the industry. Since most casinos rely on keeping existing gamblers returning to their properties, a newsletter helps to highlight the reasons why someone should do exactly that. Generally speaking, there are a couple of points to consider, however, when crafting the e-mail to be sent out to people.

Entice People to Return and Spend Their Time with You

Typically speaking newsletters are sent out to get people who have gambled at your casino in the past to return to the casino. As such, a good casino newsletter usually highlights very clearly any promotions or incentives to gamble. You may wish to begin your newsletter with a prominent image about any offers available such as “gamble 30 minutes get $10 bonus”. These types of statements are often hooks that entice people to do two things: read the newsletter more and also hopefully it will spur some fond memories of the previous times they have gambled at your casino.

Customize, customize, customize… For the Player

As well, generally a casino newsletter is very customized to the player. Many newsletter software packages now offer the ability to customize the update based off of multiple variables. This is especially critical with the gaming industry! A highroller should not be given the same newsletter as a casual gambler. Similarly, a poker player would not respond anywhere near as well to a “free slot play” promotion as he would a big advertisement for “free tournaments”. 

Showing what cool and exciting things are going on at your casino is what a newsletter is all about. In order for it to be successful you need to make sure it highlights why the player should bother to come back, what’s going on in your casino, and also be tailored to the player. It is critical to not show updates that won’t interest the players because this will just be an annoyance to them (reading through something looking for an interesting promo only to find none can be tiring). Show them what’s relevant to them in your casino 
newsletter and you’ll get them coming back, time and again!