24 Jul 2012

Why Should You Have a Casino Newsletter?

Newsletters are commonplace amongst most businesses these days as they are an effective, targeted way to reach current and prospective customers with regular updates on business activities. For the gaming industry, a casino newsletter is especially effective as the style of a newsletter suits the objectives of the industry. Since most casinos rely on keeping existing gamblers returning to their properties, a newsletter helps to highlight the reasons why someone should do exactly that. Generally speaking, there are a couple of points to consider, however, when crafting the e-mail to be sent out to people.

Entice People to Return and Spend Their Time with You

Typically speaking newsletters are sent out to get people who have gambled at your casino in the past to return to the casino. As such, a good casino newsletter usually highlights very clearly any promotions or incentives to gamble. You may wish to begin your newsletter with a prominent image about any offers available such as “gamble 30 minutes get $10 bonus”. These types of statements are often hooks that entice people to do two things: read the newsletter more and also hopefully it will spur some fond memories of the previous times they have gambled at your casino.

Customize, customize, customize… For the Player

As well, generally a casino newsletter is very customized to the player. Many newsletter software packages now offer the ability to customize the update based off of multiple variables. This is especially critical with the gaming industry! A highroller should not be given the same newsletter as a casual gambler. Similarly, a poker player would not respond anywhere near as well to a “free slot play” promotion as he would a big advertisement for “free tournaments”. 

Showing what cool and exciting things are going on at your casino is what a newsletter is all about. In order for it to be successful you need to make sure it highlights why the player should bother to come back, what’s going on in your casino, and also be tailored to the player. It is critical to not show updates that won’t interest the players because this will just be an annoyance to them (reading through something looking for an interesting promo only to find none can be tiring). Show them what’s relevant to them in your casino 
newsletter and you’ll get them coming back, time and again!

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