16 Feb 2015

Email newsletter software with statistics - What are the advantages?

What is email newsletter software with statistics?

Good email newsletter software helps you prepare newsletters that you can then send out to your subscribers or contacts. However, email newsletter software with statistics will allow you to fine tune the newsletters that you send out, by reporting back to you information that you can use to maximize the effect of your email newsletter marketing campaign.

What is the role of statistics in email newsletter software?

The statistics enable you to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign via your email newsletter software. Remember, if you can measure it - you can manage it!

What can a user learn from the statistics that email newsletter software generates?

Good email newsletter software with statistics will enable you to gather a range of data related to the readers of your newsletter. Probably the most significant and useful statistic you will get is the number of times a particular hyperlink is selected. You can then target newsletters to subscribers or contacts according to their personal interests.

Other examples of statistics generated by email newsletter software.

You can use email newsletter software with statistics to track if and how many times the newsletter is opened, capture geographic data about the reader that they might not have given you or even find out how many people unsubscribe to your email newsletter.

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